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GAIMSS 2024 (Metz)

To be held on 24th-28th June 2024 at the University of Lorraine, Metz, France, and featuring a 3-day summer school with a 2-day workshop, mixing the three most important fields of Game theory: Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics. Inscriptions are closed. Thanks a lot to all applicants. Check up the website for more info.

Felipe Garrido-Lucero

In September I will be joining the LILaC team as an assistent professor (Maître de conférences) at the university Toulouse Capitole.

I am currently a postdoc researcher in Market design & Fairness at FAIRPLAY, joint team between INRIA, IP Paris (ENSAE and Ecole Polytechnique), and Criteo.

In 2022 I defended my Ph.D. thesis (document) in Computer Sciences from Université Paris Dauphine - PSL, advised by Rida Laraki. Previously to my PhD I did a Master 2 in Optimization at Université Paris-Sud.

Before coming to France I did a Bachelor and a Master of Engineering Sciences in Applied Mathematics at Universidad de Chile, where I got advised by Roberto Cominetti.

I am a very enthusiastic and cheerful person, ukulele player, bike lover, football superfan, always available to share a nice moment around a coffee.

Detailed CV (English) Detailed CV (French)

Artificial intelligence, Fairness, Algorithmic Game Theory

Papers under revision

- Garrido-Lucero, F., & Laraki, R. (2024). Stable Matching Games (PDF). Previous versions were accepted as Posters in EC'21 and AAMAS'22
- Garrido-Lucero, F., Heymann, B., Vono, M., Loiseau, P., & Perchet, V. (2023). DU-Shapley: A Shapley Value Proxy for Efficient Dataset Valuation (PDF)


- Castera, R., Garrido-Lucero, F., Molina, M., Mauras, S., Loiseau, P., & Perchet, V. (2024). The Price of Fairness in Bipartite Matching (PDF)
- Garrido-Lucero, F., & Laraki, R. (2021). EPTAS for stable allocations in matching games (PDF)

Conference papers

- F. Garrido-Lucero, O. Beaude and C. Wan, "Analysis and design of a self-consumption community: a game-theoretic approach" (Abstract). Accepted in EEEIC'19

ENSTA (2024)

Game Theory (link)

ENSAE (2022-2023)

Game Theory (link)
Linear time series (link)

LUISS University (2022)

Games and Strategies (link)

Université Paris Dauphine (2019 - 2022)

Tools in Computer Sciences (link)
Algorithms and Programming 3 (link)
Algorithms in Graphs (link)
Introduction to Machine Learning (link)
Machine Learning and Applications (link)
Game Theory [Lecturer and TA] (link)

Universidad de Chile (2013 - 2017)

Introduction to Algebra (link)
Introduction to Calculus [Lecturer and TA] (link)
Linear Algebra (link)
Calculus in Higher Dimensions (link)
Advanced Calculus (link)
Optimization (link)
Functional Analysis (link)

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felipe [dot] garrido-lucero [at] ensae [dot] fr


ENSAE, 5 Av. Le Chatelier, 91120 Palaiseau. Office 3033